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VISUAL VOICES 2019: DAYTON SKYSCRAPERS EXHIBIT will be at the Schuster Center

February 5-March 29, 2019.


Visual Voices 2019

Each year, Victoria Theatre Association partners with Shango: Center for the Study of African American Art and Culture, and Willis “Bing” Davis, exhibit curator and director of EbonNia Gallery, to display an exhibit of art by local African-American artists inside the Schuster Center.

This year’s exhibit, titled 2019 DAYTON SKYSCRAPERS, features the work of emerging to mid-career African-American visual artists from the Miami Valley. These emerging artists have researched prominent African-American’s (living or deceased) who have made a mark in their field and are role models for the community. This year’s exhibiting artists are: Abner Cope, Dwayne Daniel, Clifford Darrett, Willis Bing Davis, Horace Dozier, Al Harden, Kevin Harris, Morris Howard, James Pate, Debra Richardson-Wood, Craig Screven, Frances Turner, and Andrea Walker-Cummings.

The 2019 exhibit, at the Schuster Center February 5-March 29, reflects the broad and diverse career fields of African-Americans in the Dayton and Miami Valley region. They are: Judge Arthur O. Fisher; Judge Gerald Parker; Judge Alice O. McCollum; Dr. Karen Townsend, small business woman; Edward Dugger, engineer; Phyllis Bolds, physicist; Colonel Alphonso Trimble, military; Dr. Clarence Walls, arts administrator; Lelia I. Frances, community activist; Dr. Helen O. Higgins, medical; Jewelia Higgins, community activist; Terrelia Ogletree, community service; and Marlon Shackelford, community activist.

The exhibit will be at the Schuster Center until March 29, 2019; at DP&L Headquarters April 1-30, 2019; and at EbonNia Gallery May 1-June 30, 2019.

If your group would like a tour of the exhibit while it’s at the Schuster Center, please email or call 937-228-7591, ext. 3032.   

Learn more about this artwork at the 2019 DAYTON SKYSCRAPERS EXHIBIT at the Schuster Center February 5-March 29, 2019.

Bing 72.jpg

Willis “Bing” Davis curates the annual  Visual Voices art exhibit on display Feb. 5-March 29 in the Wintergarden at the Schuster Center in Dayton. LISA POWELL / STAFF Photo: Staff Writer


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