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Pour Some Water on Me

Press Release November 2019

Pour Some Water on Me:

Dayton, the Funk Capital of the World

Dayton, Ohio native and progressive author, Philip C. Bass II boldly discovers that Dayton, Ohio is “The Funk Capital of the World.” In his new book, Pour Some Water on Me, he paints a convincing description of the fact that between 1970 and 1990, Dayton produced more acts that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot 200 charts, which is more than any other city per capita in the world. In the book, he outlines the meteoric rise of such funk bands as The Ohio Players, Lakeside, Heatwave, Slave, Roger Troutman and Zapp. He was an active musician when these iconic groups wrote and performed the music that baby-boomers religiously danced, skated and partied to. Philip “Flip” Bass was also an eyewitness to history, nearly fifty years while attending Kent State University. On May 4, 1970, he witnessed, on the KSU Commons, the Ohio National Guardsmen shoot and kill four students. That experience left him shaken. “Four Dead in Ohio” written by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and performed the Isley Brothers found its way into the funk era. Readers will be surprised to learn that the Dayton Public School System during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s produced upwards of thirty local groups from which more than eighteen acts went on to become national and international funk music masters. Philip Bass’s book is the funk chronicles that moves you from R & B through how the Beatles and the British music invasion influenced the funk. Dayton has seen its share of urban tragedies from the riots in the late 1960s, to the tornados and the mass shooting in 2019. These writings will contribute to moving us back to the fun music and fond memories of happier times. Dayton’s funk groups are an uniquely American urban contribution to the music industry, just as Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, Michael and Janet Jackson, James Brown, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. After all of the sad times Dayton has endured, let’s take a moment to celebrate a happier time in our collective histories.

Join us on December 14, 2019 at the Dayton Location of Central State University, 840 Germantown Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402 at 2:00 p.m. for the first of many book signings that Philip Bass will have, not only celebrating the man, but the music that he represents.

This event is being sponsored by:

Philip Bass, CEO

OCB Publishing, LLC

P.O. Box 61071

Dayton, Ohio 45406


Hope to see you at the first book signing. You will not be disappointed!!!!

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