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Don Mitchell Roosevelt Memorial Invitational Track Meet- Dayton 2017

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MAY  2017

Dayton-Welcome Stadium
Friday, 05-05-2017, 4:00 PM
Horace Dozier Sr./ Editor

The opening of the Roosevelt Invitational was anything but inviting. The participating teams had to compete against each other but also had to fight the weather. With rain and temperatures around 44 degrees with wind gust of 22 mph, it felt more like 37. The athletes pushed on in their traditional track shorts and t-shirts while feeling the pain and snap of a nasty chilling rain. Kettering Health Network Sports Medicine Mobile unit was ready for any athlete’s muscle or body warmth problems that could arise suddenly under these conditions. The Steeple Case was a serious concern because of the low temperatures of the water, estimated to be around 38 degrees. In the 2000 Meter Women’s and Men’s Steeple Chase the runners must jump hurdles with the last one having a pool of water to jump into after navigating the hurdle. Some runners fell completely in the water while continuing to the end of the 2000 Meter race.   
The Pole Vault, Discus Throw were cancelled for Friday due to the weather but may be worked in on Saturday before the Finals. The temperatures will be around 57 degrees, without the chilling wind and rain. Saturday meet start time will be, 9:30 AM 05-06-2017,

(Photos from Fridays meet) courtesy of Timesmedia. (Saturday's Photos)     



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