Endangered Species Day NEWPORT AQUARIUM May 20th 2016

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By Horace Dozier Sr.

TimesMedia, of Dayton, Oh publisher of “The Dayton Times Magazine” visits one of the finest Aquariums in the country, located across from Cincinnati, OH on the majestic Ohio river in Newport Kentucky to get a close behind the scenes look at the workings of the Newport Aquarium.  Large event entertainment venues are located all over the United States. Everything from amusement parks to huge professional sport and music attractions but what makes Aquariums stand out even more than our largest Zoos? It has always been human nature to be curious about the exotic animal world and maybe a little afraid to venture out and see these marvels up close and personal. Zoos bring wild and dangerous animals to us not only for show but to preserve the species. Hundreds of animals each year inch closer to becoming extinct and while some us might share the view, that no animal deserves to be caged or put on public display in natural habitat, the fact is by educating the public and spreading awareness Zoos and Aquariums are helping to preserve these species of animals for future generations while ensuring our planet’s survival. While Aquariums accomplish the same goals as Zoos, the main difference is they immerse you into the beauty and mysterious habitat of the undersea world. The earth is approximately three quarters water, our oceans have over 17,000 species of marine life and that there are 38,000 different kinds of microbes in one liter of seawater. How is it possible to sustain the sea life in a man made environmental enclosure?  That is what we will find out as we go behind the scenes at The Newport Aquarium. 


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NEWPORT AQUARIUM | One Aquarium Way, Newport, KY 41071

MAY  2016.

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