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Story by Logan Cobbs

​​The Life of a UD Cheerleader

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School, games, pep rallies, cheers, chants, and stunts. These are the cornerstones of a University of Dayton cheerleader, right? While these activities do carry and undeniable significance, a UD cheerleader’s life goes far beyond what most people see.

Logan Cobbs is a Political Science major, Psychology minor, and a three-year University of Dayton cheerleader. Despite her busy schedule as a Dayton cheerleader, she remains committed to academics, carrying a 3.5 GPA and campus activities; participating in Dayton Civic Scholars, Marianist Leadership Scholars, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and work study, in the Political Science Department. Don’t be alarmed. This is not a typical day, but rather an example of how demanding her life as a University of Dayton cheerleader can be at times.

 Logan recalls tryouts very vividly - an entire weekend of clinics, stunting, and the pressure of coming face-to-face with talent from all over the country. The main concentration focused on game preparation, continuing university traditions and how to make alumni proud. This was a tall order at the time, as a young Freshman finding her way. After a nail-biting 48 hours, the results were in. “I made it!” she said. This would be the start of a journey like no other.
At the University of Dayton, cheerleaders have a weekly schedule consisting of 6:00 p.m. workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays, with two-hour practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as Saturday football games, sometimes up to two men’s basketball games, and for some cheerleaders, women’s games. On any given week, cheer can demand up to 15 hours or more. This may not seem like a lot, but when thrown in the mix with school, work, campus activities, and social life, it can become a balancing act. Logan attributes proactivity and prioritization as crucial skills to her success as a University of Dayton cheerleader. “After all, we are in college first and foremost education.”

She recalls her most memorable cheerleading moment, during her first men’s game as a Dayton cheerleader. Thousands of spirited fans, chanting the battle cry known to all “Flyer Faithful’s.” Gooooo Dayton Flyers! It was at that moment that she knew the University of Dayton was home and was proud to be a University of Dayton cheerleader. After all, her teammates would be family for the next four years. What Logan loves most about the cheer program is the comradery I have with my teammates. Although half of their team cheers for the men’s basketball team and the other half cheers for the women’s, they’re all one team. Logan explains, “We push each other to do our best and constantly excel both academically and on the court. As if seeing each other everyday throughout the week isn't enough, we’re constantly with one another on the weekends, as well. The love that we have for our school and one another is what makes this program so great!”
“Regardless of the demands, all of the hard work brings us closer as a team and makes me grow as a person. After putting in countless hours and working your absolute hardest, there’s no better feeling than going out there, putting all of your hard work to the test, and representing your school.”
I often get the question, “what does it feel like to be lifted over ten feet in the air, in front of thousands of people?” My answer, “It’s a feeling like no other!” Admittedly, it was a bit scary at first and took weeks before I was fully comfortable. However, when you form a bond with your stunting partner, you’re never afraid to fall, because you know that they’ll catch you. A little prayer never hurts either.

As a senior in the fall of 2018, Logan’s cheerleading career is sadly nearing the end. She is currently preparing for tryouts once again. This will be her final try out and season as a University of Dayton cheerleader. Recently accepted into the BA2MPA program at The University of Dayton, Logan will begin taking masters courses in conjunction with her final undergraduate classes, as she pursues her Masters in Public Administration. As a “Flyer Faithful,” Logan will always keep Dayton cheer in her heart and feels blessed to be part of such a rewarding program. Go Flyers!    Photo Gallery


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