AUGUST  2016.

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experiences  of Choreographer Kiesha Lalama. As you follow the beautifully choreographed music by David Lalama and Doug Oberhamer, you are carried away by the emotion and artistry of the performers as the family relationships begin evolving into a portrait of love on a sometimes turbulent canvas of life.  Surrounded by the Lyrics of Joel Mason and the exceptional voices of Marana Dunn and Michael Gouph, for some of us, ‘It was like seeing your life experiences unfold before you’. Look for upcoming season announcements for this will be one you must see on the large stage opening night in Dayton, Ohio. ​

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The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

“The Bench” Workshop

Locations: Dayton, OH

 PO Box 49188

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Editor:   Name: Horace Dozier Sr.

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Upper right, left to right - Stevie Lamblin, Michel Green, Countess Winfrey, Qarianne Blayr, Jarrett Rashad
 On the bench, Devin baker and Amy Renee Jones  (Photo by Horace Dozier Sr.)

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC), founded in 1968 by Jeraldyne Blunden, is the oldest modern dance company in Ohio and one of the few American dance companies of international reputation located outside a major American metropolitan area. It is known for its extraordinary artistic execution,  for more information; WWW.DCDC.ORG      937.228.3630  888.228.3630

by Horace Dozier Sr. Editor  Tuesday, August 29, 2016

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TimesMedia was invited to view a work in progress “The Bench” Workshop Presentation earlier this week at the studios of Dayton’s own DCDC located at 554 Germantown Pike, Dayton, Ohio. Artistic Director Debbie Blunden-Diggs welcomed the guest consisting of a diverst group of  local businesses. The workshop was to view the new work of DCDC’s upcoming production that will debut in Dayton sometime in the near future entitled “The Bench-Journey into Love”. As described in the program Synopsis, the story portrays a whimsical love story set in various areas throughout a grand outdoor park. The story itself was taken from real life