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 Posted on 02/02/2018

  by​ Horace Dozier Sr. Editor

Honoring the National Moment

of Silence

February 1, 2018 by pnmadmin
 Today AFSCME members from across our state, and across the country, gather for a National Moment of Silence to pay tribute to Echol Cole and Robert Walker. We mark the 50th anniversary of the accident that killed Cole and Walker and started a movement. We honor their memory and sacrifice as we continue the fight for racial and economic justice. #IAmColeAndWalker

Photo By Horace Dozier Sr.

 Good afternoon, AFSCME Local 101 Sisters and Brothers from the Division of Waste Collection. I'm Ann Sulfridge, President of Local 101. With me are Vice-president Granville Walton, Blue Collar Chapter Chair, Leo Geiger, Clerical Chapter Chair Alfreda Jones and Waste Collection Steward Eric Starks. We want to welcome Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Commissioners Matt Joseph, Jeff Mims, and Dayton City Manager Shelley Dickstein. We'd also like to welcome HR Director Ken Couch, Public Works Director Fred Stovall and Waste Collection Division Manager Tom Ritchie, Jr. Thank you for joining us here today.

“I AM 2018 is an occasion for reflection and hope”. The members of AFSCME Dayton Public Service Union Local 101 ask everyone to join us in a moment of silence in honor of the memory of Mr. Cole and Mr. Walker, on a cold rainy day in Memphis. As we remember this 50th anniversary of this tragedy together for all public employees serving in Ohio and across this nation.   

Ann Sufridge, President, Dayton 

         Participating Chapters  Across Ohio

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  • National Moment of Silence in Cincinnati
  • National Moment of Silence in Canton
  • National Moment of Silence in Cleveland
  • National Moment of Silence in Columbus
  • National Moment of Silence in Dayton
  • National Moment of Silence in Montgomery County
  • National Moment of Silence in Warren County